Episode 4: Pig-free ethics for the win

Yes, yes, we did receive some lovely messages from our favourite critics: The pork lobby (of course, with lots of formal notices, confirmations of receipt, fraud accusations – they really know how to make pig-lovers feel special). They pretty much butchered our advertising campaign before the Public Ethics Committee (very lovely people who make sure that brands don’t just talk a load of rubbish).

So, what if, behind the pork and intensive farming lobbies, there are just some misunderstood big bad wolves? Look at it like this:

A pink poster that says “All goodness, no pig”? “Extremely violent”. “Deeply shocking”. 😵‍💫

A pink poster that says “Tried nitrite-free bacon? Now try pig-free bacon”? “A smear campaign against nitrites”. 😨
So, we were summoned and you know what? We went. We even wore a shirt – with the buttons done up! We listened to the skewer (if we’re even still allowed to say that) of pork lobby lawyers go on and on and on (and on) about how on-trend nitrites are and how we’re really being very mean. ☹️

You know what we said? We said it wasn’t true.

And do you know what? We won. 🥳

Read up on the Ethics Committee’s official opinion here!