Episode 1: The Law of Absurdity.

Yep. Make it in China. Or Holland, Spain or even in Monaco… Wherever you like, go crazy, but just don’t make it in France…🇫🇷

That’s pretty much what the French government were asking us, backed by the (slight) insistence of our lobbying friends over at the intensive farming groups to sign a law for-transparency-and-to-protect-the-consumers, meaning that plant-based meat (oh, you bet we’ll say it while we still can!) can’t use names like bacon, steak or nuggets… Only if they’re Made in France, though!

Pretty much how to shoot yourself in the foot (or trotter) 101.

So, we either say au revoir to “plant-based lardons” (not sure that the consumer’s going to be any clearer when buying “bits”, to be honest) or we move our production workshop abroad?

We really loved La Vendée though, we’d just found our favourite after-work drinks trough… 😥

So, we faced up to these lobbies with our most-loved weapon: Our sense of humour. They want absurdity? We have plenty of that 🤪.

Stay tuned for the next episode of the scandal of the summer (we don’t have Love Island in France, you see). Watch out: It’s going to get juicy.

Love, La Vie™️ 🌈❤️