Episode 3: In the end, common sense won.

You remember episode 1, right? When we told you about the pure absurdity of this new law preventing plant-based alternatives from using terms like “vegan lardons” or “vegan bacon”, claiming that it was about consumer protection (they’re really pigging us around with this, right?)…🤔

Well, sticks and stones may break little piggies’ bones, but words won’t send us to the slaughterhouse… So, we went straight to the French Council of State with our friends from Protéines France and Nutrition et Santé to appeal this absurd law.

They asked us to be ourselves, just to wear a suit. No comment.


The Council of State decided to suspend the decree, acknowledging that amongst other pretty sus aspects, its legality was rather dubious (which isn’t ideal for a law) and recognising that it was “not justified by citing consumer information”.

Who’d have thought, absurdity can bring everyone together, even vegans and meat-lovers!

Discover the findings of the French Council of State here.

Lots of love to our French veggie friends: NUTRITION ET SANTE, HAPPYVORE, ACCRO, UMIAMI, OLGA.

La Vie™️🌈❤️