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No one has beef with our veggie bacon

If our vegan bacon is so mind-blowing, it’s because we’ve replicated the deliciousness of fat without the piggy in the middle. It caramelises, crackles, infuses.. it’s delicious !

That’s the secret of La Vie™.


Mmmmmmmmmmm! Facon !!!!!!




Can't wait to try it !!! Get it over here please !!








So excited for this !



*Source : Tecni’Sens quantitative study June 2022 on Pork Bacon Consumers. French consumers, on top of that

Ingredients : something to write home about

Our vegan bacon ingredients list ? Just like life : short, sweet and without Mr.Piggy.

Rehydrated soya proteins 81%, sunflower oil, salt, natural flavourings, colourants: anthocyanins, lycopene, acidity corrector: potassium acetates.

Fighting our corner in the nutritional battle!

It’s not exactly a fair fight as meat producers don’t have to declare everything that goes into their meats (cattle feed, antibiotics…). However, the nutritional values of our plant based meat delivers a knockout punch to its pork analog from a brand starting with a J but who-must-not-be-named !


*Informations as of December 2022

Fleur de mimosa


Pan-fry until golden brown and crispy with a tablespoon of oil and a ladle of love. Or, place them under a pre-heated medium grill until you get this golden crispiness (about 8-10 min). Mr Piggy is a happy camper now!



Consume within 24h after opening.

We know it’s already an achievement, but we make more than just plant-based Bacon !

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