At La Vie™ we are celebrating Valentine’s Day with a declaration of love to… meat. Yes, you read that right. In our latest campaign we are affirming our love for the taste of meat, its texture and even its smell, however, unlike most love stories, this one ends in tragedy. Meat’s addiction to intensive farming, its animal cruelty and its environmental impacts has made the relationship toxic, leaving us with no choice but to break-up.


Our latest OOH campaign encourages consumers everywhere to ‘break-up’ with meat on 14th February to truly make a change to our planet. Being a brand that supports everyone no matter their diet choices, La VieTM is bringing what is often considered a taboo subject to the surface in a light-hearted manner.



We are determined to spread this message loud and clear and therefore will be taking the streets of London, with the above picture ad-bike (very sophisticated, we know). But we really really want to make sure meat gets the letter.

Last but not least, from 4pm on the 14th of February we will be handing out flowers and 5,000 units of our famously delicious meat-free smokey bacon outside Farringdon Station to help consumers break-up with meat, and fall in love with plant-based options that are better for you, the planet and of course the pigs.

Love, La Vie™ 💕🌈