Hold onto your hats, Londoners, because La Vie™ is painting the Underground pink!

Our finger-licking Plant-Based Ham, available in plain and smoked version at Tesco, Ocado and now at Waitrose, is about to rock your taste buds as they take center stage in the quirkiest subway campaign you’ve ever seen.

High in protein with 19.5g per 100g and only 7 ingredients, our plant-based ham brings you everything you love about pork, without the pig! Better for you, better for the planet and better for the animal.

Whether you’re a seasoned commuter or a first-time visitor, La Vie™’s Plant-Based Ham is your ticket to Ham & Butter sandwich paradise. Swing by Tesco for a ham haul, and now, snag our Smoked version at Waitrose. Because why settle for bland when you can go La Vie™?

But wait—there’s more mischief afoot! 🚕
Our iconic London cabs are now blushingly pink! Why the takeover, you ask? Well, in a city with spots like London, with its hammy history from Fulham to West Hamstead, it is ripe for a plant-based revolution! 🌱
Fancy a ride to “BuckingPlant-Basedham Palace”?
You can now spot our pink taxis everywhere in the city now, reminding everyone that making the switch to plant-based still gets you where you want to go—whether it’s a palace or a perfectly toasted ham sandwich. 🐽🌈

So, whether you’re riding through the underground or hailing one of our fabulously pink cabs, let La Vie™ sprinkle a little fun and a lot of plant power into your day. Because who says saving the planet can’t be a riot of laughs and good eats?

Join the revelry at @laviefoods.uk and turn your daily grind into a joyful tasty journey with La Vie™ one cheeky billboard and cab at a time! 💕⭐️

From Plants with Love,

La Vie™