Once Upon a Time in the Land of Plant-Based Dreams…

On a sunny September day (specifically the 8th), La Vie™ embarked on a whimsical adventure on Crowdcube. From September 7th to 28th, this wasn’t just any crowdfunding campaign; it was a revolution wrapped in a tortilla of hope and ambition. Co-founders Nicolas Schweitzer and Vincent Poulichet, sporting their superhero capes, aimed to raise a cool €1 million. Why? To make La Vie™ the biggest, baddest pork-less pork brand on planet Earth, while keeping all the flies safe and sound. And guess what? They didn’t just meet their goal; they doubled it, raising a whopping €2,048,410 with the support of a staggering 2738 investors! 🐽

A Tale of Porkless Wonders and Rapid Ascension

In the land of La Vie™, indulgence and sustainability danced hand in hand. Their mission? To turn the world of meat on its head, one plant-based slice at a time. Picture this: a product so popular, every 12 seconds someone somewhere whispered, “I need my La Vie™ fix.” That’s 2.5 million whispers in 18 months! Amidst a jungle of competitors, La Vie™ emerged as the king of the plant-based jungle, showcasing a jaw-dropping 379% growth. The cherry on top? Saving 90,000 pigs and slashing 2 million tonnes of CO2. Talk about a green footprint!

Conquering Europe, One Bacon Strip at a Time

La Vie™’s bacon didn’t just sizzle; it roared across thirteen European countries, growing by a whopping 144% in the UK. From corner shops to giant retailers like Waitrose and Sainsbury’s, La Vie™ was everywhere. And let’s not forget the 3,000+ restaurants where La Vie™ was the guest of honor, including the likes of Burger King. Who knew plants could party so hard? 🌱

The Secret Sauce: Technology + Cheeky Branding

What’s the secret behind La Vie™’s magnetic pull? A dollop of groundbreaking tech and a sprinkle of brand sassiness. After three brainy years, the founders concocted a patented tech that mimicked pork without the oink. The result? A product that’s kind to your body, the planet, and our piggy friends. And the brand’s personality? As quirky as a three-legged cat wearing sunglasses. La Vie™ didn’t just capture tastebuds; it captivated hearts, especially among the cool, eco-conscious Gen Z crowd.

Where Money Meets Mission

This crowdfunding gig was more than just collecting cash; it was about rallying a community for a greener tomorrow. La Vie™ didn’t just attract Joe and Jane Public; big names like Nathalie Portman and top execs had already join the piggy-free party!

In the end, La Vie™’s crowdfunding tale wasn’t just successful; it was a plant-based saga for the ages. As they marched forward, La Vie™ proved that you could have your (plant-based) bacon and eat it too, all while saving the world, one pig at a time. 🌈💕