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Manger sur le pouce,
c'est vegan ?

Le Jambon des gens bons, enfin en rayon !


Bacon and lardons without mr piggy. 100% veggie.

As every part is the best part when it comes to Mister Piggy we have come up with some bacon and lardons that are 100% veggie. Our tasty facon is exceptional in your carbonara, brings some magic to your quiches and crunch to casseroles.

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Veggie bacon gets the red carpet treatment.

Our La Vie™️ veggie bacon, is also the best plant-based bacon in the UK and winner of a Snacking d’Or and other international awards for innovation. And despite being a real star, he likes to remain discrete. So, follow our news for more exciting information or to find some veggie bacon near you.


Better you than me.




We're sweating like pigs.


British Bacon Board


Great flavour, better for my health.


Mr P.lanet


A slizzing revolution.


Tim Cook

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Proud sponsor of tomorrow’s world.

100% Veggie

Our soya and sunflower recipes. So rich in proteins, we’re thinking of retiring

Rich in protein

Plentiful veggie proteins with good amino acids.

Better for the planet

88% less CO2, 82% less water, 74% less land use* & 1000% more love

Rustled up in France

Because France is La Vie™️, our company is French and we create our delicious plant based meat recipes in the Vendée region.

*Source : Blue Horizon 2020 report

Join our movement!

We created La Vie™️, a fun movement for a new generation of plant based meats that is better for us, the planet and of course our buddy Mr Piggy.

Our mission

Nutrition : Pigs can fly (away)!

In an ideal world we should all be wolfing down broccoli. However, in the real meat-eating world, our plant-based meat stands proud: rich in proteins, less saturated fats, no nitrites and fantastic ingredient lists. Everything you need for the food lovers!

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FAQ: a question of pork

How do we make our plant-based meat?
What’s in our veggie bacon?
Where can I find your bacon and other award winning products?
If a train leaves Paddington at 10.30, what time does it arrive?

We've got all the answers

Where to find us

You can find us in many very nice supermarkets (France) and like any self respecting Bond villains we want world domination. So, expect to see us pretty soon in the UK and in other European markets soon. If you simply can’t wait, jump on a Eurostar… you know where we work!

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