Well, first of all, we use it because it tastes good.

Our pals in the R&D team have tried and tested over 5000 plant-based recipes over 3 years (yep, you could say they’re perfectionists) to recreate everything we love about pig meat, just minus the pig. Soya-based recipes came out on top, a good snout and a tail above the rest!

Soya also has loads of nutritional benefits: For example, it’s rich in high-quality proteins (including all of the essential amino acids!). Of course, we didn’t want to make a pig’s ear of it: Our soya is GMO-free.

After all, when we’re not sure about something, we like to dig into what doctors and nutritionists think, and this article sums this topic up pretty well: control-C control-V and you’re all sorted voilà !